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In 1993, I founded a ceramics shop in downtown Paris, Ontario named Special Creations—a space where people crafted personalized gifts. The shop expanded, featuring a front gift store and a back workshop, becoming a hub for friends and craft enthusiasts. In 1994, our family's focus shifted due to our daughter Mary's congenital heart defect, prompting a hiatus.

Fast forward 26 years, and I'm thrilled to reintroduce the business as Special Kreations.

The Latest Chapter in Lori’s Story: A Passion Rediscovered

After a period working in the family logistics business, I rediscovered my true passion—crafting. Descended from a line of crafters, my love for creating began with greeting cards and evolved into working with a Cricut machine, making t-shirts, and crafting with epoxy. My journey eventually led me to Hyperion, and I vowed to make it accessible for Canadian crafters, emphasizing friendly service and fast shipping.

Special Kreations: Integrity, Ethics, Community

Rooted in integrity and ethics, Special Kreations values transparency and customer relationships. Our success is a testament to our kind business ethics. Join our thriving online community on Facebook, where members support and inspire each other. Click here to join our group today, and prepare to be inspired!

Welcome to Special Kreations—a haven for crafting with heart!